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Version 17.02 (February 2017)

New design

  • New top bar and options menu.
  • New panel with statistics and graphs of interest.
  • New report menu.
  • New section boxes.
  • New branch interface with Google Maps.
  • New electronic billing interface.

Items Module

  • Categories of items can now be personalized with icons.
  • Item Grids with Category Icons.

New module of Shifts by Branch

  • Shift screen.
  • Forward shift.
  • Set maximum shift.
  • View last turn in ticket.

Version 16.11 (November 2016)

New Restaurant module

  • Classification of sales by tables.
  • Union and separation of tables.
  • Filters for tables.
  • Restrictions on access to tables for employees.
  • Tables management control panel for cashier.
  • Sales ticket printing before and after completion.
  • Automatic screen recharging for up-to-date information.
  • Employee pending orders with time control.
  • Sales report by table.

New Sections module

  • Display pending orders from the restaurant.
  • Customizable sections by categories of items.
  • Pending orders with time control.
  • Automatic screen recharging for up-to-date information.
  • Sales report by section.

New module of Electronic Billing (Mexico)

  • Editing tax data.
  • Installation of digital seal certificate.
  • Serial, folio and regime settings.
  • CFDI issuance of system sales.
  • Send invoices by email.
  • Cancellation of CFDI.
  • Registration of customer tax data.